DriveCam In Vehicle Camera System

DriveCam is an in vehicle video camera system that enables fleet managers to monitor their driver's behaviour in real-time, analyse performance and decide upon any coaching necessary to reduce the risk of traffic accident and injury.

How DriveCam works

The DriveCam Camera System is installed inside the vehicle, generally behind the rear view mirror. One camera lens is focused forward upon the road ahead, while the lens on the opposite side simultaneously records the driver's actions inside the vehicle.

Exception-based video, audio and data 12 seconds in length is uploaded via a secure cellular connection to the DriveCam Data Center, where it then becomes immediately available for you to analyse and review.

The in vehicle cameras do not just capture driver behaviour and record traffic incidents, but they allow you to identify any risky practices and then address the issue to make good drivers even better.

How DriveCam Works

The ultimate objective of DriveCam is to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place !

Monitor Driving Behaviour
1) Monitor driving performance and provide real time feedback.

Video event recorder continuously monitors and captures driving behavior and provides real-time driver feedback to fleet managers..

Upload Video, Audio and Data of incident
2) Upload Incident Video, Audio and Data.

Exception-based video, audio and data are automatically uploaded via a secure cellular connection to the DriveCam Data Center. The incident then becomes immediately available for review by fleet managers.

Analyse, Review and Score
3) Analyse, Review, Score and Prioritise.

Proprietary data analytics, combined with expert video review will highlight the causes of poor driving behaviour. You can then prioritise the action required to reduce fleet risk and operating costs.

Access the Driver Management Portal
4) Access the Driver Management Portal.

Configurable alerts direct you to online tools, including dashboards for company-wide visibility and accountability. Your Management Portal features hotspot mapping for analysis of poor driving.

Coach the Driver to improve
5) Coach Driver.

Flexible coaching and training methods can be applied based upon operational demands and organisational profiles.

Safer Driver returns to the road
6) Safer Driver Returns to the Road.

Continuous monitoring verifies that lessons have been learned that actually protect your drivers and result in fewer preventable collisions.


More significant benefits of the DriveCam Driver Safety System for your transport business

  • Click to download the DriveCamPrevent collisions, vehicle damage, injury and traffic fatalities : Fleet operators can see collision cost reductions of up to 80% in Property, Auto Liability and Workers Compensation claims.
  • Prevent fraudulent claims : The exception-based DriveCam video captures indisputable evidence when an incident occurs, protecting drivers and fleets from fraudulent or other errant claims.
  • Prevent fuel wastage : Realise a reduction in fuel costs of up to 12% through more efficient driving practices, excessive idling and speeding.
  • Prevent non-compliance : RAIR Compliance Services ensure fleets spend more time out on the road earning income by meeting all federal mandates.
  • Protect your drivers from the devastating impact of being involved in a collision. Exonerating them when they are in a no-fault collision.
  • Protect your brand by introducing a world class safety culture to minimise the risk of high-profile collisions that may end up on the evening news.
  • Exemplify good corporate citizenship by contributing to a safer and more environmentally conscious community.

Where to obtain the DriveCam system

IVCS In Vehicle Camera Systems business logoIn Australia, DriveCam together with the associated software and Data Center service is available from IVCS In Vehicle Camera Systems based in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland.

In-Vehicle Installation of DriveCam

IAE Industrial Automotive Electronics are specialists in the on-site installation of the DriveCam system. Simply contact us »