The Australian government has introduced the national "Intelligent Access Program" (IAP) for heavy haulage vehicles. Transport operators who participate in the IAP scheme are required to have their participating vehicles fitted with an IAP certified "In Vehicle Unit" (IVU), and also subscribe to an independent IAP certified monitoring service.

Heavy Haulage Transport VehicleThe incentive for transport operators to participate in the IAP are concessions for Higher Mass Limits (HML) and access to the HML road networks.

Here are a selection of useful links to various government websites where you can find more detailed information specific to the IAP.

IAP Information Downloads

IAP Overview Guidlines (785 Kb) IAP Getting Started Guide (1 Mb) Qld Gov IAP Fact Sheet (71 Kb)
Download the IAP Overview Guidlines

Download the IAP Getting Started Guide

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Download the Queensland Government IAP Fact Sheet