Industrial Automotive Electronics was founded by Grant Ottaway, who in 1996 was engineering and developing one of Australia's first commercially available GPS fleet management systems "Mobi-Track" that was then distributed in Australia by United Wireless, a subsidiary of the US company "Bell South".

Soon after Grant Ottaway spent 6 years in senior technical support rolls and also project management for various telematic solution providers. He headed two joint venture development projects with "Cummins" engine company and "Thermo King". These clients possessed a desire to adapt their existing technologies and create a truly wireless end-to end solution that would provide remote management and GPS location monitoring of their client's assets.

After many years managing various high end telematic projects and developing national installer training programs, it was realised that there was a national skills shortage of suitably qualified field service staff who encapsulated a sound understanding of various communications networks at an engineering level, an understanding of modern and older vehicle electronics, mechanical skills and GPS as a technology.

This was the inspiration for IAE's creation. There was clearly a commercial need for a single provider who had a solid engineering background that catered for all aspects at an electronic and mechanical level.

As various transportation companies began to adopt GPS monitoring systems, IAE was soon recognised as an expert in this field and provided many of Australia's leading road transport companies with design, application advise, in-the-field services and technical support. Soon after the demand for IAE's services lead us abroad, and IAE became frequently involved in many international projects throughout New Zealand, Pacific Islands, China, Thailand, Malaysia, America and Canada.

Over the years IAE has witnessed many advancements in GPS based systems for road transport applications. The technological innovation by some of the new hardware vendors is truly remarkable. In modern times the overall cost of this type of equipment has reduced significantly to the point where GPS functionality is now easily affordable for even the smallest of fleets.

As a result and over time IAE's client base has further expanded to cater for all aspects of the road transportation market. IAE now caters to not only our traditional heavy haulage clients, but also smaller vehicles that operate in a local environment.

Industrial Automotive Electronics was founded by Grant Ottaway in 1996
IAE provide GPS monitoring systems to many of Australia's leading road transport companies
IAE now caters to not only traditional heavy haulage clients, but also smaller vehicles
IAE servicing Toll Ipec trucks
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IAE servicing the Cleanaway fleet